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US Release Dec 2018 | UK Release 2019.

A group of carpet fitters are sent on a job to an old Country house in the middle of nowhere. However they soon discover it's a trap set up by the savage, cannibalistic family, The Hannings. The carpet fitters are forced to fight for their lives or risk ending up being the evenings dinner. Unfortunately they are not quite your typical heroes!

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Who are we?

Pretty Dead Pictures is a UK based, motion picture, production company specialising in mix genre content, from horror, comedy, action and thriller. Set up in 2016 by James Bushe and Richard Lee O'Donnell. We aim to deliver stunningly beautiful films with a dark and twisted edge.

What's hugely important to us is to tell new and original stories using UK talent that as film makers we want to watch ourselves. Our first major feature film is the comedy, horror movie; Cannibals & Carpet Fitters which is due for public release in Summer 2018.